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Heart Wrenching Moments of Truth

There are some truths here that I just had to reblog.

We all remember when we learned the truth of a matter we once idealized.  If you DON’T remember….then you’re either one of two things.

A)  A suicidal skeptic.


B)  A deluded Pollyanna wannabe.

For those grounded in reality….the following observations won’t faze you; however, the deluded ones are in for a royal let-down.

1)  Finding out Santa was actually your chronically depressed Uncle Herschel.  The family decided it might be worth a shot to bequeath the sacred job on to Herschel who had recently threatened to hang himself from the rafters of his rental house after  his third wife, Doris, left him for the Schwan man who came by every Wednesday to deliver beef tips and encrusted shepherd’s pie.

2)  After attending a circus in the Mall parking lot, you come to the realization that clowns are kind of creepy after seeing Jolly the Jingleball selling weed out the…

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